Nejma, an inspiring muse, a shining star.

Nejma, a rich, exclusive, modern, sensual and powerful fairytale.

Create your own fragrance signature, recreate a memory or just feel desirable.

The Nejma Oud Collection

The riches of the wood of Oud

The Nejma universe is comprised of seven fragrances

each based on the precious oriental base of oud and blended

with different ingredients from around the world.


Sandalwood from Mysore, Ottoman rose, Egyptian sambac

and the jasmines of Arabia are among the ingredients

that combine to create these new and exciting fragrance symphonies.

The Nejma Private Collection

The precious fragrance

Nejma guides the olfactive travelers through the Eastern Byzantium Empire

all the way to Provence in order to reveal the secret of its divine elixir.

Nejma’s beauty is protected by a sculptural, timeless glass case.

Nejma is simply a promise of Eternity.

The Nejma Luxury Collection

A fragrance of excellence

Les Quintessences are a collection of luxury extract oils,

100% natural and alcohol free.

Encounter their therapeutic properties for total well-being – body, mind, and soul.

Les Quintessences can be used as a fragrance in the bath,

and blended with Nejma’s 7 Daughters fragrances,

for a beneficial olfactory experience.