A Passionate Fairytale

During a journey to the Far East Marie Lise Bischoff (Founder and creator of NEJMA PERFUMES) attends the reading of an Oriental Fairy tale and falls under the spell of her muse, Nejma, who will inspire her to create a new line of perfumes.


Nejma is a charming and radiant woman with an amazing beauty. She is leaving in Middle-East and one day The Vizire comes in her city. They totally fell in love.


But she isn’t a Princess, so after a lot of fights between both families, they’re finally getting married!


From their love story, 7 girls were born, they are very pretty with a rare and spectacular beauty.


This is the story of how seven fragrances were created. A mix of different spices that will all have in common the precious and warm scent of Aoud, giving Nejma its signature charm.

When did you decide to create your own perfume brand?
I decided to create my own brand almost 10 years ago. I used to create fragrances with a famous niche brand, and I specialised in using Oud as a base note in every perfume I created because it leaves such a long-lasting scent on the skin. The chance to create something with a friend, who is a famous nose, came up and I had to take it.


Why did you choose the name Nejma?
Nejma means the “Good Star” and “Lucky Star”.


What are the main features of your fragrances?
They are very rich, exclusive, modern, sensual and powerful. They give you the opportunity to create your own fragrance signature, recreate a memory or to just feel desirable.


What is your inspiration for your latest line “Les Quintessences” (Luxury Extract Oil)?
I wanted to create something unique, innovative and rare like a piece of jewellery. For me, the most important thing was to create something attractive and provide an incredible experience for my customers. You can either wear Les Quintessences alone as it’s own fragrance or mix it with one of the Daughters’ collection to create your own signature.


Do you have a favourite?
I’m totally addicted to Nejma 3! I wear it every single day.


An olfactive odyssey

The Nejma universe is comprised of seven fragrances each based on the precious oriental base of oud and blended with different ingredients from around the world.


Sandalwood from Mysore, Ottoman rose, Egyptian sambac and the jasmines of Arabia are among the ingredients that combine to create these new and exciting fragrance symphonies.

Nejma, an ideal

Nejma is more than a perfume, it’s a piece of jewelry.

You create your own signature fragrance.

A Unique Symbol,

a Star

The symbol of the star embossed in gold on every cap is like a seal, a bright light in the infinity.
A universal symbol named Nejma, star, zvezda, stella, stern, bintang … Unreachable and nevertheless twinkling for everyone …


The universe of Nejma is made by diverse fragrances from distant countries mixed with Aoud. A creation of an amazing symphony, jasmines of Arabia (Sambac) or Egypt, Ylang-Ylang, Rose of Ottoman, Sandalwood Mysore, Vetiver … The purest, most precious and rare essences harmonize around Nejma in the respect of old perfume traditions, an art of a unique creation composed by virtuosos (Master Parfumeur Jean Niel).


Nejma reveals at its best each one of you and will accompany you during days, seasons and years.

Scent of Oud


NEJMA PERFUMES: Fragrances extracted from OUD

What is the Oud?


Agarwood or Oud has been used to make high quality incense for centuries and was often used in religious and festive celebrations by Chinese, Arabian, Indian and Japanese people.


For what use?


In some countries oud was believed to have had medicinal virtues.

The oil extracted from Agarwood is used in Arabian countries as a perfume.

 Although in the past, rose and Jasmine were preferred Agarwwood is now the ultimate contemporary designer fragrance ingredient.


How is produced the Oud?


Agarwood is reputed to be the most expensive wood in the world. Oud is a resinous fragrant heartwood (central part of the tree) that occurs in trees belonging to species of the Aquilaria family.

Agarwood forms as a reaction to fungal attack.

The trees that become infected by the bacteria will secrete a fragrant acting like a protective oil into the wounded areas of the trunk. Only 20% of Aquilaria trees give Oud that is scented.

Oud oil production requires a minimum of 20 Kg of resinous wood to produce 12ml of oil.

Aqualiria species producing Agarwood are found naturally in South, Southeast Asia and the Indian sub-continent.

Later on its plantations were extended to a number of countries including Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Thailand…


What makes Oud so unique?


Designers and perfumers characterized oud wood as having olfactory virtues that are rare and poetic.

“Baudelaire”, described it as mysterious, dark and powerful.

Oudh smells heavenly woody and balsamic and surrounds you with a warm aura of bitter sweet woody nuance.